How To Survive Easter With Babies And Toddlers

Spring has sprung, and the time has come for easter. Some people celebrate by looking for eggs, others celebrate by learning about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Most moms and dads find bright colors, dress their kiddos up and take a ton of cute, and sometimes embarrassing pictures. This year, why not try your hand at some of these ideas to start some new traditions.


This activity is for the “I just don’t want to clean up a mess” parents. I would recommend boiling eggs if you go that route to still keep with traditions, or you can use These Eggs, which helps aid with less of a mess. These Easter Stickers are sure to make a hit at your egg decorating party. If you want to be brave, but don’t want to mistakenly miss a hidden hard boiled egg, you can use the above eggs, and use small paint for the kiddos. There’s always markers.

The Holy Route

If you are looking to teach your children the meaning of Easter as well, there are a few activities you can take advantage of. A lot of parents’ favorites are coloring the easter story, or my personal favorite, Tissue Craft project. You can teach while you create. There is also my children’s favorite project, Color your own Lent offering box. Now my kids are young, and don’t fully understand the concept of lent, but they love to give and understand they have to coach mommy through the whole lent season.

Now if you are unfamiliar with Lent, let me clue you in…


Well, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “Lent is a 40-day season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at sundown on Holy Thursday. It’s a period of preparation to celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection at Easter. During Lent, we seek the Lord in prayer by reading Sacred Scripture; we serve by giving alms; and we practice self-control through fasting. We are called not only to abstain from luxuries during Lent, but to a true inner conversion of heart as we seek to follow Christ’s will more faithfully” (What Is Lent?, 2022). You can Click Here for more information.

Now I will be honest, a lot of people use this time to try to lose weight, and eat right. I use this time to bond more with my children. I usually cut out tv and replace it with reading the bible or doing an activity with my children. I’m not going to lie. I barely have time during the day to replace anything so I incorporate more activities based around the meaning of Easter.


If you are looking for other options for your kids to enjoy, try some books. My children love:

God Gave Us Easter

How to Catch the Easter Bunny

Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

A Little Scribble SPOT and the Easter Eggs

Easter Hidden Pictures Puzzles to Highlight (Great Activity by the way)

A Very Happy Easter

If you want more options, you can always Click Here.

You can also get some activity books such as this one:

My Kids Love This Activity Book

Our personal favorite tradition is picking themes. This year we have a Lego theme. If you want to know how it’s going, you’re going to have to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

I will say that I got my supplies from:

Party City



 Oriental Trading.

You can always go the traditional route of premade baskets. I just like to put my own creativity and I love to share my ideas. People have asked “Why don’t you just go to Etsy for your custom baskets?” I do go there for custom baskets, but for my Godson and other kids I give to. When it comes to mine, I like to try. (ha-ha)

Hope this gives you some ideas to celebrate the holiday, whether you are religious or not. Have fun, enjoy the moment. Remember they don’t stay this size forever. Make the moment last.

As I say at the end of all my posts, leave comments. Good, Bad, opinionated, you name. I take them all.

Keep doing what you are doing.

There is no right or wrong in parenting,

Just Suggestions!



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I love this post. This was so simple and I love the option of no mess. I have 3 little ones that are SUPER active. The stickers are perfect. I also love the simplicity in explaining the meaning of Easter. Great post!

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