Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. For years I have had a love for children and had a helping hand with helping dozens of families raise their kiddos over the span of 17 years in 2 states. I am a straight shooter. I care; therefore, I tell you what you don’t want to hear. Don’t worry, it’s just tough love. I’ve been married for 10 years and learned a thing or 2 about relationships. We are originally high school sweethearts. We are not your average fairytale couple. We are basic clowns that loves to joke and pull pranks on each other. I am mommy to a beautiful little girl, that was born 24 weeks prematurely. I am also mommy to a handsome baby boy that was born full term. I am now also a proud momma of a newborn baby girl, whom was alao born full term.

I’m here to help you overcome obstacles I have already been through. I’m the girlfriend you can always turn to for advice, a joke, or the downright truth, even if you don’t want it. Together we can laugh, cry, make jokes, pray, and just enjoy raising our kids.

 I created baby and the toddler, not only to share my story, but to help someone with theirs. I didn’t have much resources that could help me on my journey through my rocky start to motherhood. So, grab your favorite drink, lay back, read, and tell me your thoughts when you’re done!