Daily Habits As A Mom That Improves My Quality of Life

What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?

Being a mom of 3 active toddlers/big kids, especially when one is medically fragile, there’s hardly any time for me. Over the years I have learned to incorporate habits that helps me stay active, healthy and helps with my self care. Here are the habits I keep

Morning Routine

Mornings are hectic. I tried the whole getting up an hour early for me time and honestly, it didn’t work. My kids are early birds and I would have to get up before the rooster crowed in order to do so. So I incorporated my morning routine with my kids. We get up, brush our teeth, wash our face. The Night before when everyone is asleep, I usually take my nice long Baths or showers. No interruptions. That way in the morning my kiddos can bathe and I don’t have to take bird baths to get by.

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I am one that either forgets to eat or ill give to my children if they ask. What I learned is either way it’s not healthy. So I started either eating what they are eating with them, or I would eat in the kitchen counter while they ate at the kitchen/dining room table. Eating food, especially healthy food is fuel and energy for your body. There are times I am tired to make myself something, or still give to my kids, so I make myself a boobie body shake with oatmilk. They are delicious and very filling, especially with the oatmilk. You can drink them anytime of the day. It’s a great meal replacer and pick me up!

Healthy Habits to enforce


Another habit I have is pampering myself once a month. No I don’t go to spas or get away. I buy myself something. I give myself something to look forward to for ME! My favorite go to is skin care from fenty skin, or Buttah skin care. I order special desserts or a meal to indulge in. I feel this habit helps with my mental and my emotions. It’s something different to look forward to.

Makeshift Exercise

Now these are my words. I call it makeshift because this is how I created it. I know exercise and water is great for your health, but let’s be honest, I don’t have the time or energy to do it. So, I make everyday life exercise. For example, I have 13 steps in my house. I either go up the stairs carrying something, squat on odd stairs, or skip steps. I also have little ones so I would pick them up and squat with them, or put on one of their workout songs. Jools TV has an awesome workout song and you tube video to help you along.

Get Fit!!!


This is actually a personal goal of mine. I strive to sleep at least 6 hours but I’m lucky if I get 3. My children love to wake up in the middle of the night, and I get my best work done when my whole house is asleep. So I know it’s a habit I have to work on so I’m not gonna elaborate on it.


Now I’m not traditional with this one. I don’t sit and read or journal like I should, however, I do have pockets throughout my day when I take moments. This is great for my mental and emotional health, not to mention my spiritual health. I always have music playing to try to tame my mood. I love smooth jazz and gospel music. I also take a moment each day, sometimes with my children, other times with myself and I just play Breathe by Jools TV. This is such a relaxing song and helps you breathe and take a moment. I think taking a moment a day makes a world of a difference.

Breathe by Jools Tv

I do hope these habits can help you start or alter your habits. If there are habits you want to share, please do! I would love to see if I can incorporate something new.

I love you and I mean it!!!!!!!

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