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Did you know you can start school with your little one…now?

Yes, it’s true. You can start setting the stage and teach with your little one. Don’t think that because you have a newborn, this post isn’t for you. This post is especially for you. It is never too early to start school with your little ones. Since we are in a technology age, everything is readily available. Now I will show you a few things out there that will benefit you and your little ones and set the stage for their future education.

Babies are a sponge. Meaning they will take in whatever you put in front of them. So be mindful. Babies see movement and over time, they see color and start to put colors to sounds and sounds to movement.

With newborns, especially moms of newborns, you may want to have a moment to do something, like catch your breath. A great show you can put in front of your baby is Hey Bear Sensory. This YouTube channel has several sensory videos with bright colors, and calming music (sometimes happy makes you want to dance music) and there are different objects as well. Some videos have fruits, some have vegetables. Some have colors, shapes, raindrops, rainbows, and clouds. There are several videos you can choose from. Now, these videos range in time. Videos range between the time of 10 and 12 minutes. So, YOU be the judge of how long your baby should stay in front of the video. All 3 of my kiddos sat in front of Hey Bear and I started them all out for about 5 minutes. They stayed no longer than 5 minutes and I gradually increased the time as they got older. I think my children completed a 20-minute video over the course of a year. I use it now as a calming mechanism.

Another thing I do with my little ones is constantly sing and read to them. Being that my previous profession was teaching (2-year-old through pre-k) I can say my toddler song catalog is pretty extensive. So, to help you along, you can always opt for the free versions of any music platform: apple music, Spotify, Pandora, prime music, etc. I have always used Spotify and prime music. I have a subscription with them and have loved it. I can create playlists and share them with the public. Many playlists save you time and frustration, especially if you never have time to sit and create one. If you like to party with your little ones or if your little ones are a bit older and mobile, you can have dance parties and play educational songs. If you have the gift of what I call “songs on the fly” (making up songs as you go), you will have an even special bond with your child.

One platform that I enjoy is audiobooks. I love Audible. You can have books read to you and your baby/toddler. You can incorporate them during mealtime, playtime, naptime, or any time you think fits. There is a free trial and a discount if you click Audible.

YouTube has dozens of videos for little ones to watch, but not all of them have educational purposes behind them or are age appropriate. These channels can and will help develop your little ones’ speech, alphabet, and numbers knowledge and learn simple nursery rhymes. Channels such as Gracie’s Corner,  Super Simple Songs, Joolstv, and Baby First (these are my baby’s favorites). These are only to name a few. I will have a full post on just videos at a later date. (Be on the lookout for that)

The moral is that you don’t have to be a teacher to give your babies and toddlers a start. You also don’t have to worry about screens and rubbish rotting their little brain. These shows, songs, and more are stimulants for their brain.

Don’t feel bad about putting your baby or toddler in front of the tv, or question what is there for them to do when all you have to do is refer to this post. They will catch on quickly, you will enjoy watching them learn, and you will feel good about the content and the music.

Let me know what you think. Leave some suggestions in the box to help another parent. Remember we are in this together. 

There’s no right or wrong way to parent, only suggestions. I love you and I mean it!


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I love this! I didn’t know about Joolstv and Gracie Corner to help not only entertain my children but also help them learn. This was a great article to help moms with not enough hands!

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