30 Things That Makes Me As A Mom Happy

List 30 things that make you happy.

Playing with my kids

A clean kitchen

Folded laundry

Cooked meals

Clean children

When my kids go to bed when I put them in

Taking a nap

When they catch a lesson that was taught

A clean house

When my kids pick up after themselves

When my husband decides to take the kids for a few

When I actually stick to a grocery list

When theirs no accidents

When we can Make it through a period of time with no hospital visits (I’m also a medical mom)

When my kids eat what I cook

When my kids try something new

When we make it to appointments on time

When I can understand what my kids are saying

When I successfully sneak veggies into my kids food


When they try to dress themselves

When the car decides to clean itself (lol)

When I can get through a day without getting overwhelmed

When my kids cut back calling mom for an hour

When I don’t have to ask

When I can relax for 10 uninterrupted minutes

When I get a random hug or kiss

When get a moment to do something for me life get a glass of water and not have to share

When I go to bed full because I remembered to eat

When someone says don’t worry I’ll do it for you and do it!!!!!

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